How To Choose Silo Type


Corrugated galvanized steel plate with conical bottom is an advanced grain storage equipment.The bottom of the cone type grain steel silo cone bottom Angle is large, generally between 35 ° - 60 °, grain under their own gravity can go out, no residue.It is an ideal device for storing seeds.Cone bottom steel silos are generally divided into: small (5 ~ 20 tons), mainly used for mixing silos, feed silos.Medium size (20-500 tons), mainly used in processing plant transit warehouse.Large size (500-1500 tons), used for seed storage according to user requirements.

Features of metal grain storage steel silo with cone bottom:

1.Light weight, low basic requirements and low cost.

2. Simple assembly and short construction period.

3.Temperature measurement, ventilation and ventilation can be realized according to the user's choice.

4.Facilitate the realization of mechanization and modern management.

5.Simple demolition, convenient maintenance and reliable use.

6.Long service life, generally up to about 30 years.

Main technical parameters of metal grain storage steel silo with cone bottom