Corrugated Steel Silo

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■ Specifications

The corrugated steel silo is abbreviated as the assembly silo. It is a steel silo assembled by high-strength bolt connection after mechanically rolling and moulding into a corrugated sheet. Most of the corrugated wall panels are produced in batches by a mechanical forming production line using a rolling process.


The Features of Assembly Silo:

1. All steel silos are made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized sheets, and all components are standard components. Strictly abide by the relevant national standards during the design, production, installation and use of the steel silo.

2. It has the characteristics of fast installation and low investment.

3. The height and diameter of the steel silo can be selected in a larger range, the distance between the two silo is less than 80cm, it occupies a small area and has strong adaptability. The single silo capacity is 50-5000 tons.

4. During normal use, if the temperature of the grain in the silo rises to a critical point due to high water content, etc., the supporting temperature measurement system will promptly sound and light alarm to tell you that there is a danger in a certain part of the grain and ventilation should be carried out and cool down.

5. The diameter of the steel silo can be arbitrarily selected between 2.7-32m. The prefabricated steel silo is widely used in grain and oil, chemical, brewing, medicine, food, cement, coal and other industries!


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