Starch Silo

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  • Starch silo in chemical field
  • Bidragon steel silo for starch powder storage
■ Specifications

Bidragon spiral steel silo for starch powder storageBIDRAGON is a reliable starch storage silo supplier in China, manufacturing silos for all kinds of materials, including starch, sugar, flour, salt and cereals. Competitive storage price.

Advantages of Bidragon Starch Storage Silo:  

► All the components of our starch storage silos are produced with high degree of standardization.

 With superior component design, our starch storage silo can be installed within a short period of time.

 Ensure the safety and quality of the materials to be stored. BIDRAGON silos are equipped with relevant accessories – monitoring, drying, ventilation devices for example.

 Easy to maintain. Connected by standard bolts, the parts of the silo are easy to remove and repair.

 Reliable performance, competitive storage silo prices! The costs of steel silos are 50%~65% of cement silos with the same specification.

 Long tenure of use. The lifespan can reach 30 years. BIDRAGON storage silos are noted for their good sealing effect, quickly installation and great strength and wide application fields (Powered/liquid/pellet material storage).

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