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  • slag storage silo in cement plant
■ Specifications
Granulated blast furnace slag is the product of iron making process as it's industrial waste, one ton of iron smelting will have 0.3 tons of graining blast furnace slag (the following abbreviation slag).In recent years, China's steel output reached 200 million tons, the slag is about 60 million tons. In our country's traditional applications, mainly the slag as cement mixed materials used in the production of slag cement.

Granulated blast furnace slag powder as cement mixed material, can improve the activity effect, with small grain filling effect, at the same time can improve the early strength cement. Granulated blast furnace slag powder used in concrete, can reduce slump loss, improve the concrete pumping performance, thus improve the performance of concrete construction, at the same time it can improve the strength grade of concrete, reduce the dosage of cement, reduce alkali aggregation reaction, enhance the durability of concrete.

Therefore, Slag storage is so important for cement plant. We not only offer slag storage silo, also offer related steel silo design, silo auxiliary,such as slag conveying system, dust collect on silo roof, level monitor, temperature control system, etc.
slag storage silo system in cement plant
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