Corrugated Galvanized Steel Silo

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  • galvanized steel silo
■ Specifications
This galvanized silo is also called assembly silo, it is connected piece by piece with bolt and steel plate, so no matter what size you need, all parts can be loaded into container, which is easy to transport and save freight. The sio diameter is from 3m to 10m, silo volume can be up to 2000m3.

Assembled Silo Constructure
The bolted corrugated steel silo consists of the following components: 
1.Silo bottom part
This part contains cone(steel cone or concrete cone), ventilation system, sweep auger machine and frame.
2.Silo body part
As used of high quality galvanized steel plate, the junction board positions are connected by high strength bolts, seals are sealed by air sealing tape to ensure the strength of the silo and sealed rain.
It contains corrugated galvanized sheet, reinforcing rib, ladder, reinforcing ring and inspection door, etc.
3.Silo roof part
Using purlin to loading Silo top, with natural ventilation holes that whose cover plate is made of hot galvanized steel plate, its unique structure ensures sealing silo from rain.
This part contains security fence, man hole, air hole, ladder and catwalk, etc.

Bolted silo Characteristics:
Good service: We will give you suggestive productive technical processing in the prophase plan and manufacturer equipment based on your special demand.In order to keep our cooperating relationship on, we will send technicians to visit to you, making sure the products works normally. 
Long guarantee time: one year guarantee time after installation and commissioning or 18 months after leaving China port.
Regular silo capacity:300ton,500ton,1000ton,1500ton, etc.
Safe and reliable: the inner and outer stiffener is used to reinforce the silo;the steel plate and bolt is also galvanized and anti-corrosion;all this with the professional enginerring team, we strongly ensure the silo quality.
On species diversity: a flat bottom and a cone bottom two major series, cone 
bottom dived into steel cone bottom and cement cone. 
Steel cone degree can be 45 
and 60.
On reasonable structure is safe and reliable: silo for the keel and corrugated steel plate combined type steel structure, the overall strength, good stability, the 
use of deformation, the bin body all galvanized parts, the service life reaches GB.(Up to 25years)
Supporting system of complete: 1. With automatic temperature measuring system; Equipped with ventilation system, effectively prevent grain mildew; Material system can display and state of silo inside, to realize the automatic 
display and control; In according to user requirements can be equipped with drying and fumigation system; With import warehouse transport equipment, grain cleaning equipment, realize the 
materials in and out of warehouse automation.

alt="corrugated galvanized steel silo"  alt="assembling galvanized silo"

Standard for the installation of safety of fast: all materials standards parts, production, installation. Short construction period. Barn all connected by bolts, can be easily disassembled into parts, to achieve the overall demolition land 
Convenient repair,local damage can be replaced.
Advanced technology cost effective: with brick silo, has a short construction period, good antiseismic performance, light weight, low cost, based on the 
comprehensive advantages of low cost. 
On average only 10tons of grain steel consumption20kg, generally for reinforced cement warehouse cost 35%--50%. 
Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, grain safety.

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