• cement-storage-silo

    Bidragon offer various cement silo and steel silo design and silo construction with silo capacity from 300 ton to 10000 ton. Silo price is various for the silo capacity and silo auxiliary.

  • lime-silo

    Bidragon offer steel mobile silo for lime powder storage, cement powder storage, soda powder storage, flour powder storage, etc. The steel silo capacity from 100 ton up 17000 ton, and with conveying system, sweeping system, level monitor system, etc.

  • steel silo for industrial powder storage

    Powder silo is also called powder container, powder storage system, powder storage tank, powder storage vessel. This steel silo is mainly used in the industrial powder storage or food powder storage, such as lime powder storage, soda powder storage, flou

  • Bidragon Steel Silo For Ash Powder Storage

    Spiral steel silo for fly ash storage, capacity from 1000 ton to 10,000 ton, customized storage solution design and professional pre-service and after-service. Get your personalized offer here!

  • Bidragon steel silo for pellet storage

    Custom made pellet silos are available. BIDRAGON silos are known for stable structure and competitive price. Feel free to contact us for further information.

  • Spiral steel silo for starch powder storage in food field

    BIDRAGON is a reliable starch storage silo supplier in China, manufacturing silos for all kinds of materials, including starch, sugar, flour, salt and cereals.

  • coal storage silo 22*26 with hopper unloading system and conveying system

    Good quality coal storage silo, professional storage solution for coal silo, chemical powder storage silo, cement storage silo, industrial powder storage, etc. The silo is equipped with conveying system, unloading system, level monitor, etc. Get free pric

  • steel silo design for slag storage

    Slag silo is widely used in cement plant. Bidragon offer professional steel silo design for various silo system, storage silo,industry silo. Large silo capacity and good service !

  • bolted-silo

    The Sectional silo is also called piece assembly silo, it's bolt connection type silo, the silo body can be connected by high strength bolts