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  • Flour steel silo manufacturer
  • Flour steel silo
■ Specifications

Flour storage silo can be used in different filed, industrial , agriculture.We offer a wide range of flour storage silos which eliminate the risk of insect pests and chemical residue. Feel free to contact us for further information on flour silos.


Features of Bidragon Grain Flour Storage Silo:

► Good Quality : The thickness of each edge of Bidragon grain silo is 5 times thicker than that of the silo body. So there’s no need to worry about leaking of the storage material.
     Flour silo can be installed on all kinds of topography and geology site under the badly weather,such as heavily rain, snow, even earthquake.

Easy To Maintain :There’s corridor among the grain silo roof. It’ll be convenient for customer to maintenance facilities on all silo’s roof

► Short Installation Time and Low Cost : Short installation workdays, low cost

Long Lifespan Time:  Bidragon flour steel silo material is double side galvanized steel, which ensure the steel silo anti-corrosion and have long lifepan over 30 years.

Easy To Operate: When steel silo is shipping, all the equipped silo auxiliary was matched together with silo, including loading and unloading system, drying grain system, sweeping grain system, level and temperature monitoring system, etc.

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