Bolted Silo

  • Capacity: 30T-1000T
  • Diameter of silo body: 3160MM-8000MM

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  • bolted-cement-storage-silo
■ Specifications
The Bolted Silo is also called piece assembly silo, it's bolt connection type silo, the silo body can be connected by high strength bolts, so no matter what size you need, all parts can be loaded into container, which is easy to transport and save freight. The diameter is 3~10m, silo volume can be up to 2000m3.

Structure of Bolted Storage Silo

Silo body is divided into top cap, middle straight silo body and lower cone. The whole silo body is no longer a wholly welded structure but divided into sections longitudinally and pieces horizontally. Each chip-type silo body is connected with flange bolt. Plus rubber seal strip, the whole body is formed.On the bottom of silo ,it is connected with screw conveyor ,the cement or other material could be conveyed to mixer or batching system .Dust collector is installed on the top of silo for environmental protection .

With mature technology, the silo is reliable in strength and airtight and can be produced very economically. The separate segments- sealed according to the special applications are prefabricated in units, which can be transported by all usual possibilities. The silos will be delivered with oblique, flat or without roofs.



Used for: Powdery and coarse bulk materials as cement, lime, gypsum, fly ash, different binder materials, gravel, limestone, sand and different chippings.

Application: Loading and unloading plants, Dosing-Weighing and Mixing plants, Preparation plants, transitional silo.

Advantages: Designed and statical optimized silos, precise elements due to industrial fabrication.

Short and cost-economic construction, erection seasonally independent.

The discharge height depends on the method of discharge, withdrawal by conveyor or bulk loading on truck. The cone angle can be designed according to customer's requirements.

Bolted Cement Storage Silo Technical Parameter:


Name Diameter of silo body intermediate barrel in sections Cylinder body height (mm)  Cone Height (mm) intermediate barrel in  Pieces Thickness of plate (mm)
Cylinder thick Cone thick
30T 3160MM 2 Sections 3500 2000 8 4 5
50T 3 sections 4260 2000 12 4 5
100T 6 sections 8700 2000 24 4 5
150T 9 sections 13000 2000 36 4 5
200T 4000MM 8sections 11360 2500 32 5 6
200T 4500MM 6sections 8700 2800 24 5 6
300T 5300MM 6sections 8700 3800 24 6/5 8
400T 6800MM 8sections 7300 4700 32 6 8
500T 6800MM 6sections 8700 4700 24 6/8 8
800T 8000MM 7sections 10100 5700 28 6/8 10
1000T 8000MM 9sections 13200 5700 36 6/8 10
top cap:Two pieces at one section
 lower cone: Divided into upper and lower sections, of which the upper section is large cone, including 4 pieces while   the upper one is small cone, including 1 piece.
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