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■ Specifications
Silo ventilation is used to make air moving inside silo and keep steel silo from explosion. Generally at least four ventilation hole will be designed on steel silo roof.

Natural ventilation:
Natural ventilation hole is composed of cap, pipe, and flanges. With M10 * 25 bolted cap 
and duct connection on the horizontal piece to form a whole, exit are equipped with the grid plate to prevent birds.

Mechanical ventilation:
1.Fan selection: based on silo capacity and the height of the grain layer we choose corresponding air pressure fan.

2.According to the wind speed and wind volume in the bottom of a warehouse, we decorate a 
certain number of ventilation pipes and ventilation of air mesh.

3.Small capacity of silo we adopt positive pressure ventilation method; the large capacity 
of silo we adopt the combination of positive pressure ventilation and negative pressure suction    method.

4.Temperature measurement system and ventilation time: 
When the temperature of the temperature measuring system shows silo material within more than 28 °, ventilation start. Or when the silo internal and external temperature difference is greater than 8 °, it requires ventilation cooling. 
According to the need of ventilation the granary of the decision to open the corresponding ventilation fan is the granary of the corresponding ventilation cooling, at the same time open the corresponding fan wind with silo top. 
This standard is the standard of the People's Republic of China; the user can accord their actual situation decision ventilation time.

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