• dust-collector

    PPCS series dust filter is made up of shell, dust hopper, discharge dust device, frame and pulse removing dust system etc. When dust air enter dust filter, first touch middle inclined baffle. Air flow turn to dust hopper and the speed of airflow become sl

  • silo-making-machine

    1. Introduction of Forming MachineBD4.0 MM steel plate forming machine unit, is our company latest circular steel silo construction unit, it is BD4.0 MM type u

  • apron-feeder-conveyor

    Plate feeder is also called plate feeder, plate feeder, which is used to continuously and evenly distribute and transfer materials to crusher, conveyor or other working machinery along the horizontal or inclined direction.

  • cement silo filter

    Cement silo top filter is one circular removable metal filter cartridge, in bottom which has 14 embedded circular holes connected 14 filters, and the filters ar

  • bucket elevator

    The bucket elevator is equipped with steel silo system to transport the material into steel silo. The lifting capacity depends on actual demands and customer re

  • pneumatic conveying system

    I. The introduction of the pneumatic conveying systemThe pneumatic conveying system use the energy of the flowing air to transport the particle or powder materi

  • resistance screw level meter

    Level sensor is used to monitor and detect the material level in side silo timely, it is also called level meter or level system.

  • ventilation

    Silo ventilation is used to make air moving inside silo and keep steel silo from explosion. Generally at least four ventilation hole will be designed on steel silo roof.

  • temperature monitor system

    For timely and effective control the silo temperature, we adopt temperature measurement system in order to ventilate silo in time and cooling , avoid grain mildew.