Galvanized Water Storage Tank

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■ Specifications

Galvanized steel water tanks are used for agricultural irrigation, rainwater collection, rural water projects, fish and vegetable symbiotic breeding ponds.

Galvanized water tank for Agricultural Irrigation

The agricultural irrigation system must supply water at the rate, quantity and time required to meet the irrigation requirements and schedule.

Rainwater Collection

Galvanized water tank collect rain when raining days, can be used for small farm grain irrigation.

Rural Water Use Project

The Corrugated steel tank provides convenience for the new ecological agricultural breeding system, and the use of steel breeding ponds helps to reduce costs.

Application field:

Agricultural water, drinking water for engineering, greenhouse water, rainwater collection system, emergency water, sewage treatment system, aquaculture water system, sports field water, fire water etc.

Galvanized water storage tank video:

Galvanized water storage tank advantage:

1. It can be quickly assembled within 1-5 days;

2. Economical - galvanized steel water tank is cost-effective compared to traditional water tank;

3. Durable - galvanized steel water tank life expectancy can reach 50 years under regular maintenance;

4. No pollution - galvanized steel water tank inside various polymer membranes will not pollute the water body, and at the same time inhibit the production of algae and moss;

5. Convenient - it is detachable and mobile;

6. Light weight - galvanized steel water tank is easy to transport, suitable for high water level construction;

7. Environmental protection - the galvanized steel water tank  installation process has almost zero pollution to the project.

PVC Inner Lining for galvanized steel water tank

PVC inner lining is a low-cost and effective lining material with good flexibility and chemical resistance. The thickness of standard PVC is 0.75mm-1.0mm It is low-cost, flexible and easy to install, so it is widely used in irrigation and gardening. But it is difficult to install and use in the cold and low temperature in the north.



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