• Grain storage silo

    Grain silo adopts Lipp system, corrosion resistance, no leak, good air tightness, all these ensure the silo suitable for grain, paddy, wheat, soybean, etc. storage.

  • Grain Steel Silo for Husk Storage

    Husk silo is widely used to store rice husk, peanut shells, and more other grain husk or shell. Storage volume is available from 300 ton to 5000 ton, with good sealing.

  • square-storage-silo

    Why a square silo? A square silo has over 25% more storage capacity compared to a round silo. A square silo saves space, quite simply because the full surface area is used. Square is the right shape for maximum capacity for bulk goods.

  • corrugated-steel-silo

    The corrugated steel silo is abbreviated as the assembly silo. It is a steel silo assembled by high-strength bolt connection after mechanically rolling and moul

  • Wheat silo for sale

    Parameter of Grain Silo: silo diameter from 3m to 25m, height from 10m to 30m, Storage capacity from 300 ton to 10,000 ton

  • maize silo

    Corn Silo Installed on-site by the company's own fitters and with its own space and time-saving assembly system in a variety of sizes, the uniform high quality of all systems is ensured.

  • Feed Silo

    Feed silo is a storage bin used to store feedstock in industrial systems such as the creation of steam power.

  • Steel silo for grain flour storage

    Bidragon is professional steel silo supplier, including various capacity grain silo, industrial powder silo, farm bins, poultry silo, chemical powder silo, etc. storage system. Good silo price and free price is waiting for you!

  • Rice silo for grain storage

    Rice steel silo is also called grain steel silo, grain bins, farm bins, grain tanks, used in the food storage and transportation field. This steel silo adopts Germany Lipp structure technology and double side galvanized steel sheet.

  • Seed silo

    Seed silos are designed for vegetable seed storage in oil mill plant or long term seed storage on farm. BIDRAGON is a professional seed silo manufacturer.

  • chicken feed pellet production line

    Chicken feed line description: 1.The raw material-corn after being weighted (Weighting system) will be stored in steel silo; 2.The Silo system consists of ten