What parts do the cement silo include

Cement silo is widely used in cement plant, and the common cement silo capacity is 3000 ton, 5000 ton, 7000 ton. The whole system includes silo body, loading&unloading system, flatforrm, temperature control system, ventilation system, homogenization system, transportation system, etc.

Steel Silo Application

For low cost and short installation time, the steel silo is more widely used in storage of cement, fly ash, slag powder, clinker, food powder, grain, and other liquid material storage. The field including grain & oil processing field, chemical powder field, industrial powder field.

What Is Steel Silo Application

Bidragon steel silo series are widely used in various industrial lines such as grain depot, farm, wooden pellets, sawdust, plastic pellet, seed, flour, starch, oil, feed, water storage, alcohol, wine, port, chemistry and so on, which are the very equipment for storage of granular and powder materials.

What Is Hopper Bottom Steel Silo Capacity

The hopper bottom steel silo is suitable from 50 ton, to 2000 ton.

What Is The Feeding System Of Plastic Particle Storage Silo

For the plastic particle storage silo, we often select the pneumatic conveying system as it's feeding system.

Cement Silo Capacity Calculate

How To Calculate Cement Silo Capacity ? Calculate the silo volume and then plus the cement density. More information, please contact us.

How To Calculate Installation Cost Of Bolted Silo

Take example for the 250 ton bolted silo First, calculate how many person will install the bolted silo. Secondly, calculate how many days need to finish the silo installation. Then, calculate the cost according to local wage level.

How to choose spiral silo and corrugated silo

Bidragon engineers will provide the suitable silo based on the capacity of the silo and material type to be stored.

What’s your payment method ?

We prefer T/T 30% of total amount should be paid in advance; the balance T/T 70% should be paid before delivery.

What’s the quality guarantee for silo?

Quality guarantee period: One year after successful installation, commissioning and training.

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