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  • Feed Silo
  • Feed Silo
■ Specifications

Brief introduction of feed silo
No matter the spiral silo or the bolted silo, all are made with galvanized steel sheet and used to store feed, so we call feed silo. The feed silo is a kind of storage equipment suitable for large-scale and medium-sized farms or poultry feed plant, such as pig feed plant, chicken feed plant, fish feed factory,etc, fields. The feed silo is commonly equipped with the ventilation machine, temperature monitor, level monitor,drying machine, pre-cleaning machine, etc., other equipment. Especially, the feed silo will be equipped with conveying equipment at its discharge port to deliver feed to the house at regular intervals.

Advantages of feed silo
1. Alleviate the difficulty of farm recruiting and the high labor cost.
2. Quantitative feeding will avoid the inconsistent feeding intake of artificial feeding and the uneven development of nutrition.
3. Reduce waste and improve culture performance.
4. Ensure the farm clean, durable.
5. can be added to the inside, to facilitate normal and stressful period of breeding health care and preventive medication.
6. Facilitate the daily management of the farm.
7. Closed-type blanking design can effectively reduce the pollution and stealing of feed by mouse flies.
8. is conducive to breeding health and reduce feed waste, reduce farming costs.

Following is some of our feed silo case in different countries:

poultry feed silo in China
Poultry feed silo in China

Feed silo for chicken feed storage in South Africa
 Silo in large feed plant in South Africa

Chicken feed storage silo in Tanzania
Chicken feed storage silo  in Tanzania

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