Conical Bottom Silos


Conical bottom silos are also called "hopper silos". Conical bottom metal silos are also used to store various materials, including rice, beans, animal feed and so on. But they are usually used for temporary storage, because they are usually smaller than flat bottom silos, so they can be installed on structural steel brackets, so that the stored materials are easier to unload and discharge.
Similar to flat-bottomed silos, metal silos with conical bottoms can be manufactured from plates bolted to structural steel frames. But they are usually made of welded structures, which last longer and produce structures that are less likely to interfere with material flow.

If the grain in the silo corresponds to the silo design, the conical hoppers connected to the bottom of these silos can achieve simple metering unloading. If the flow rate is to be controlled correctly, metal silos with conical bottom must be designed accurately to measure the materials they are storing.