The Discharge Method Of The Cone Bottom Grain Silo


 For some small grain silos, such as 50 tons, and hundreds tons usually adopt the cone bottom, some customer’s unloading capacity requirement is low, so maybe think about use bags to collect under each of the silo bottom. This is not workable, because in silo bottom there are many columns racks, and person not easy to go in and out freely, and also small vehicle used to load the grain bags not able to go below either. So there are two ways for cone bottom silo discharge.

One is install horizontal unloading conveyor belt to delivery out to outside of the silo bottom, then use a lifting conveyor belt to lift to the height needed.

Second is build cement structure platform or steel structure platform, to be able to collect grains under the bottom of the silo, please refer following pictures (flat bottom silo also can use this structure)