Advantage Of Assemble Steel Silo


In accordance with the principle of small floor area and space saving, the assemble steel silo can deal with the dust when it arrives at the unloading workshop in the factory area. The amount of dust is very large when unloading, the visibility is low, the workers are suffering from a series of problems such as lung silicon disease.The unloading pit can greatly improve the unloading speed, so that the truck can go after unloading without waiting for unloading, which improves the production capacity and saves labor costs.
Before the grain enters the unloading pit, the worker can open the dust removal system to let the dust pass through the dust removal system to reduce the dust from the outside. After the dust passes through the cyclone, it spirals down. Under the action of the airlock, the dust will naturally fall into the bag or cloth bag after it is too much, so as not to cause the dust to fly in the second time.
The grain flows into the elevator through the unloading pit. After the elevator lifts the grain crop to a certain height, it flows into the double-cylinder cleaning screen to screen impurities in the grain crop. The grain crop with impurities removed will flow into the main elevator.

After the grain enters the elevator, after the grain in the elevator reaches a certain height, the grain flows into the steel silo through the sliding pipe.
Steel silo bin body use galvanized corrugated board.All steel cone bottom bolt connection;internal temperature measuring system, moisture measurement and control system, monitoring silo temperature and humidity in the body, thus can know the material situation inside the silo for storage. Adding ventilation system, make the air flowing inside the silo, part of the body heat will go out of the silo.
After the grain enters the scraper conveyor, the grain can enter the processing workshop or be directly pulled away by the truck for sale. Automatic loading and automatic transmission to the processing and production workshop, effectively reducing labor costs, greatly reducing the floor area.