Precautions For Large Steel Silo And Material Storage


Use effect and precautions of large steel silo

1. In the initial stage of large-scale steel silo construction, the site selection should pay attention to the place with relatively high ground potential and the groundwater level is relatively low. The large steel storage silo is the floor-standing steel silo base foundation. The base is around positive& negative 3 meters, the foundation has a number of corridors and the basis of multi-points discharge, so that the discharge rate is greatly improved.

2. There is a material homogenization device in the large steel silo. The gasification pipe is also known as the fluidization bar. It is good equipment in the large scale storage silo. The design diameter and height should be designed according to the large steel plate storage material. The design generally should avoid the mud and high water level. Diameter and height is generally one-to-one proportion.

3. After the construction of large steel silo is completed, the materials storage should be divided into 3 times for storage. The first time storage should be about half of the total volume, which is good for the adaption of the base. Another 2 times of storage can be stored after 1 month. After the installation of the fluidization rod and the gasification tube in the library is completed, is good for the storage of material and the gasification is used when already stored material. The time for homogenization can be about 2 hours and be done once every 3 days.