1200Ton Corn Silo For Indonesia


On May 15, 2020, according to the plan, the preparation of materials for our two 1250-ton corn silo projects in Indonesia was successfully completed, and packing and shipment began on the 18th. This project is our fifth silo project in Indonesia and It is also the first of the Indonesian corn silo project. When stocking, we specially arranged a detailed production plan and installation plan to ensure the smooth completion of the project. Taking into account the site and actual needs of the customer site, the customer's steel silo type is a cone hopper silo, the diameter of the grain silo is 11m, and the silo body is 14 layers, which saves the customer's civil construction cost and civil construction time. The shipping time for this shipment is about 20 days. Upon arrival, we will contact the customer in time for the next installation work. Best wishes this project will be installed completely and smoothly as the schedule soon.