What Material Can Be Stored In The Silo


I think it can be divided into three main types for steel silo storage materials, the first type is the material evenly, the second type is a granular materials, the third one is the material of non-perishable.

First of all, plate silo processing materials should be uniform particle size. Storage granularity of the material has many advantages, such as can make equipment to receive strength evenly in the parts, not in a direction of the continuous pressure, if in that case it is easy to let the silo body deformation. Granularity is the requirement of production, from the upstream raw material or as a downstream product, people often require material in the production in a certain range, so as to ensure the stability of the continuous production, if enter the steel base material particle size is not uniform, it must be out of the question, what procedure must stop check in time.

Second, the steel plate by the silo storage of materials should be modest granule. Many people believe that steel silo's internal space is very big, so what kind of things can be, down to the tiny, such as sand and the ball, in fact this idea is wrong. Steel silo has a lot of interior space, but the most suitable for its modest granular materials, this material has many advantages compared to other materials, if any, the smaller aperture, make full use of space, such as easy to fall into again poured out is not easy to plug out of the mouth.

Finally, the steel plate by the silo handling of materials should also has the characteristics of non-perishable. We all know in steel garage storage materials instead of point 2 tons to measurement of large quantity, so much of the material to squeeze in one place, and internal pressure high, the silo can't afford this kind of pressure.In addition, sometimes silo materials placed in steel plates will be a long time, it shall try to keep these materials fresh in any way. In a word, the material quality shall be very good.