Bidragon Fly Ash Silo


Fly ash is one of the residues generated in the combustion of coal. Bidragon Silos is the leading constructor of Fly Ash silos in China. We have built more Fly fly Ash silos than all our competitors combined.

We can offer flexibility to meet your needs for fly ash silo. These silos are featured with corrugated steel silos or spread-leg silo to resist the extensive use of open filed. 
Bidragn Silo is also  experienced in building silos for bottom ash storage. We will help you decide what design is most beneficial for your product, and will build the best silo to ensure the safety of your material.

Also, we work closely with all major fly ash material handling suppliers to ensure easy process.

Bidragon Fly Ash Silos hold the following features:
1.Long working life

2.Requires less maintenance

3.Eliminates cross contamination

4.Easily installable

5.Ability to utilize higher grade coatings