What Material Can Be Stored in Silos


Storage silo which is invented and designed for storing bulk material in latest 30 years, can be divided into 2 types silos. One is agricultural silo, the other silo type is industry silo. Agricultural silo especially grain silos is used to store food, feed and other granular and powdered materials; Industrial silos are used to store coke, cement, salt, sugar, fly ash, lime and other bulk materials. Mechanization silo generally cost is about a third higher than mechanical room of the warehouse cost, but it can shorten the material loading and unloading process, reduce the operation and maintenance costs, eliminate heavy bags of homework, silo for sale is advantageous to the mechanization, automation of operation, thus inmobilia los silos has become one of the main forms of granary. To know more information, please contact : www.cnsilos.com