How to discharge cement from cement silo


For the steel silo material completely discharging, we adopt several of our patent technology in the design; ensure the steel silo on-demand, on time delivery requirements and flow discharge, the design indicators: 1-30000 tons of steel silo material discharge empty rate is more than 95%, 5-200000 tons of steel silo material discharge empty rate more than 95%.

The cement harden on the silo wall and physical index decline caused by the internal temperature and humidity gas in steel silo, the design we adopted can effective control steel silo material discharge physical indicators of cement in the steel silo under the environment temperature 50 degreeto 16o degree below zero temperature.

Steel silo, unlike other silos, its height, diameter can be either in a larger scope .Minimum distance between two positions is 500 mm, can make full use of space, reduce area cover. Spiral bite steel silo high degree of automation, combined with temperature measurement system, material level sensor these equipment, make the final user management very convenient.

1.The cement silo discharging Angle is large, combination of pneumatic and gravity discharge, make cement discharging smoothly, outbound rate is high, ensure the normal order of the raw material cement even if stored for a long time still can discharge.

2.Single zone length of the fluidization in 5 meters or so, no joint, the failure rate is low, and air volume air pressure is high.

3.When a certain area fault discharge, it can temporarily discharge from other area, do not affect production.

4.Discharging hole in the corridor, easier to troubleshoot and repair.