Introduction of Different Steel Silo


Steel silo is divided into bolted steel silo, spiral steel silo, welding steel silo, most of us is confused to their difference, following is the introduction of the difference of three steel silos:

Bolted steel silo is connected by the bolt with many steel sheet, this silo capacity is available 3000ton, 2000ton, or more small capacity bulk grain storage. However, this steel silo has it’s outstanding advantages: good ventilation , simple structure, short installation time, low cost. If you store grain, it is your better choice.

Spiral steel silo is folded and connected with steel sheet, which structure decide the thickness of steel sheet, not too thick. This spiral silo has good air-tightness and is suitable to store bulk cement, fly ash, soda powder. etc powder material and grain.

Welding silo is welded directly by steel sheet, has the following advantages: good air-tightness, long lifespan, large capacity, etc.