Grain Dryer for large and Small Grain Silo


 Usually the grain dryer is used before storing grains into silo, usually drying corn, wheat, soybean, etc, it can be used in farm directly or grain trader warehouse, or flour mill factory.

For small grain silos, can use the mobile type grain dryer, which capacity around 10-20tons per day, also can use stand alone small dryer, different capacity will need different height of the dryer, the dryer is with hot air as drying medium, and circulation inside.

For large grain silo, can incorportated the dryer to the silo line, after the grain cleaning destoning procedure, use the lifting elevator feed into the dryer and the discharge port grains flow to next lifting elevator which directly goes to the silo top.Usually this type dryer is much higher, according to the required capacity per hour.

Mostly for the grains, drying from initial moisture content from 17-30% reduce to 8-15%, according to different grains.If the grain is more oil conent, suggest lower final moisture content.