Brief Introduction of Cement Silo Feeding and Discharging System


Bucket elevator is used to transport and convey powdery, granular and small pieces of non-abrasive and abrasive materials such as coal, cement, stones, sand, clay, ore, etc., because the traction mechanism of the hoist is a circular chain, it is allowed Conveying a material with a higher temperature (the material temperature does not exceed °C). Generally, the maximum height of the conveyor can reach up to meters. It is widely used in the material transportation of environmental engineering machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, pharmaceutical, food, warehousing and other industrial production processes. 

bucket elevator, cement silo feeding system

The air slide is a pneumatic conveying device for conveying dry powdery materials. In the cement industry, air transport chutes are commonly used to transport cement and raw meal powder. Because the chute has no rotating parts in the conveying material, it is easy to maintain, has good sealing performance, no noise, safe and reliable operation, less power consumption, convenient to change the conveying direction, and can be widely applied by multi-feeding and multi-point discharging. . The main component of the chute is a gas permeable layer. It is made of PETS-6 (polyester) synthetic fiber fabric. It is a new type of breathable type. It has high temperature resistance (up to 150 ° C), corrosion resistance, wear resistance and low moisture absorption. Light weight, flat surface and long service life.
The air slide can transport powdered materials with a particle size of 3-6 mm or less, mainly used in cement plants to transport cement, raw materials and other non-adhesive powder materials.
The slope is one of the necessary conditions for the material flow in the tank. The small slope is beneficial to the process design, and the large slope is beneficial to the material flow. Save power investment.

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