Storage silo classification


According to the grain heap form to classify, the steel silo can be divided into bulk silo, packing silo; according to the structure of the silo to classify, it can be divided into room type, arch silo, shell silo, vertical silos. According to the equipment and construction conditions, it can be divided into general silo, Simple silo, mechanization silo, prefabricated silo. 

According to the condition of temperature control classification, low temperature silo, refers to the use of natural conditions. Or mechanical refrigeration makes the granary of the silo temperature below 15 degrees Celsius. Near low temperature silo, refers to the silo temperature in 15 to 20 degrees Celsius.
The normal temperature silo, is refers to is not a mechanical refrigeration device and silo often at room temperature under the condition of temperature.
According to the operating nature of silos, we can divide it as receiving silo, transit silo, storage silo, production silo etc.