FAQ of The Steel Silo


1. What material can it store for your steel spiral silo?

Except grain and cement material , the spiral silo can also be used to store slag powder, fly ash, lime, soda and even coal tar liquid material. Our spiral silo sometimes can be erected in the glass making factory to store raw material of glass such as pyrophillite, etc.

2. What’s the processing line of slag powder line when we using steel silo to store it?

The processing line as following:raw material conveying (by belt conveyor)—milling—bag filter dust collector—drying (hot blast stove)—air slide—loading to steel silo—aeration system—slag powder unloading from silo( bulk unloader).

3. How to fabricate 10 spiral silos on site?


Our workers to set the frame and support column in a circle on ground, the circle diameter is 8 meter, then set the SM 40 machine, then put the galvanized steel coil inside the machine, then start to fabricate, when the first one is OK, use the crane lift the silo on the steel structure, then start the next spiral silo.